Levels 1-5

The Little Art School Certificate Of Art Training:

Our unique course offers training in every aspect of drawing and painting.

All children, whatever their age, need to begin our courses at Level One. Like learning a musical instrument, the course follows a series of Levels which are like musical Grades. We have successfully started children as young as P6 and as old as S3 at Level One and welcome all ages of children from P6 up.

The course follows five ‘Levels’ and each Level lasts for one year. The year is divided into three terms.

Level One:

Children begin their Little Art School Training at Level One. By the end of their first year students will be able to work confidently in watercolour and acrylic. Level One will end with an exhibition of works and a Little Art School Prize giving for exceptional work.

Highland Cottage


Level Two:

Once Level One has been completed our young artists move on to Level Two. Level Two also ends with an exhibition of works and prize giving.

Emma G - Wk 1

Level Three:

At Level Three our young artists use new media to develop their techniques.

Level Four

At Level Four our pupils step into the world of Oil Painting.

Level Five

By Level Five our students will have developed a solid foundation in drawing and painting and will be encouraged to use their skills to interpret and develop their own ideas. Students will follow guidelines and begin to establish their independence in drawing and painting, searching for subjects, looking for meaning and using their technical skills to portray mood and emotion.

Advanced Class

For those who can’t bear to leave The Little Art School, we will continue to offer an advanced class to guide our young artists as they use their skills to move forward and develop their own style.

Go to our locations page to find out about all Level One to Level Five class times and dates in your area.