Happy Students


“The little Art School, simple and tranquil it has a warm and friendly feel, yet the level of professionalism is clear. My daughter, aged 6, has always love drawing, crafts, and I have always given praise to her little works of art.

This class has such a personal touch with Joanne Robinson's patience and knowledge, my daughter is in complete awe and fascinated by the paintings on the walls that Joanne and fellow artists have painted. She said she is a famous painter! I was also surprised by the works the children have brought home, mounted and presented, signed and good enough to frame. Lemoni is very proud, and tells me in great detail about her work , it's so nice to have such a unique class in Ayrshire for all ages and levels to enjoy.”

Parent, Sande Dempster


“Our daughter is really enjoying learning about art and the different mediums to express herself. She feels safe and well supported in a lovely arty environment. I know she looks forward to her weekly classes, and enjoys spending time with like-minded individuals and a very approachable teacher. We, as parents are therefore very happy that she is able to explore/develop something she enjoys, and the extended family have framed works of art done by my daughter that she was proud enough of, to give out as Christmas presents, which are pride of place in grandparents houses!”

Parent, Hazel Stevenson


“I really like The Little Art School as we make truly wonderful art, which I enjoy making and my family think is brilliant!”

Abbie Hitchcock, aged 9


“It is a great opportunity because it helps you to go to a higher level of art. It helped me to move on from rainbows and cartoon art and I can now paint mountains, Venice scenes, hills and all sorts of very detailed drawings.”

Emma Hawken, Age 9


“The Little Art School is amazing. I really like how cosy it is, and the people you get to meet there. I have really enjoyed learning all the different styles & techniques to use whilst using watercolour and I am looking forward to the next topic. I also like being surrounded by art and I would never have been able to do all the amazing projects without Joanne"

Ruth, age 13



My name is Freya and I am 8 years old. I love art and I would like to be an artist when I grow up. I have 2 favourite hobbies. One is horse riding and the other one is art. I really love my lessons with Joanne and I wish I could go every day!!

Thank you VERY much for my art lessons!”

Love from Freya