The Little Art School Trust is a registered Scottish Charity (SCO5848) which believes that art can make a big difference in our communities. Since 2015 we have delivered our highly structured art course to some of the most vulnerable and isolated people living in the West Coast of Scotland. To do this we have a team of empathetic and talented staff who deliver drawing and painting classes every week in our art studios, care homes and in community settings.

Classes for People Living with Dementia

 We deliver two projects specifically designed for people living with dementia. Validated by research from St Andrews University and featured in the Journal for Dementia Care, our classes show people living with dementia what they CAN do. Both projects are designed for but are not exclusive to people with dementia, indeed individuals who are elderly, isolated/vulnerable in the local community are welcome.

Drawing Together

These monthly classes bring together people with varying stages of dementia and allow them to experience art through drawing and painting.  Scientific studies show that art activities have significant impact on wellbeing and sense of identity.  In addition, we believe our classes reduce isolation, increase confidence and that although often living within their own reality allow individuals to connect well with others in the studio environment.  At the Trust, we have been privileged to be involved and witness this for ourselves. 

Each art class has a lesson plan, which has been designed specifically for these types of classes and the response has been tremendous; people returning each month and immersing themselves for an hour in drawing and painting. 

Art In A Suitcase

Many people with dementia or those who are vulnerable and isolated live in nursing/care homes.  They are often not able to leave their residence and so ‘Art In A Suitcase’ was introduced in January 2016.  As the name suggests, all the materials required for the art class are packed into a suitcase and taken into the residential homes where lessons are delivered by Little Art School Teachers.  This project has generated great interest from those living in the nursing homes; residents who do not actively join in other social activities have joined in the classes and produced wonderful works of art!   In addition, all the nursing homes involved have created art galleries with the artists’ work displayed for everyone to see and it has become a great talking point for family members and other residents.


We are delighted and honoured to have won Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Award for ‘Best Innovation in Continuing Care 2016’ validating the structured art classes we deliver to people with dementia.  Here are some kind words from Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland

“We are very pleased that the Little Art School Trust won the National Dementia Award for Best Innovation in Continuing Care, it was up against some serious competition and is a worthy winner. It exemplifies our belief that we can all do something to improve the lives of people with dementia and their families and that by harnessing the strength of our communities and encouraging creative new innovations and approaches such as the Little Art School Trust we break down the myth that there is nothing you can do about dementia. Innovative projects like this inspire hope and remind us that age or a diagnosis of dementia should never be a barrier towards growing and developing new skills and improving our sense of wellbeing and personhood.“    



Little Art Stars

 The Little Art School Scholarship “Little Art Stars”  delivers art classes to vulnerable children in order to build their self esteem.  We look to support children who would otherwise be unlikely to access Little Art School classes outside school time.

Our aim is to grow and develop a nurturing environment within identified schools to allow children to develop their art skills in a safe and fun space.  We provide art classes/exhibitions with the object of improving motor skills and self esteem leading to a growth in confidence and increased productivity.  We use guide sheets to show the children how to build their artwork step by step using shapes.  All our classes are progressive , allowing the children to use different mediums and different styles of drawing as the weeks go on.  The children leave the class with a framed masterpiece to take home.

We have developed a mobile method of teaching .  Our art in a suitcase contains all the specialist materials we need to deliver a class.  The classes run during lunchtime in the school premises in order to avoid any loss of educational time for the children.

Our art classes build self esteem , increase confidence, build relationships and trust.  We also aim to build child/parental interaction by running end of term assemblies where parents are invited into the school to take part in a lesson with their child. For more information about our Little Art Stars please contact Michelle at [email protected]


The Little Art School Trust has a dedicated and ‘hands on’ Board Of Trustees who work hard to ensure the charity is governed and regulated correctly in line with the Office Of The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and its constitution. 


As a charity the Little Art School Trust is continuously looking at funding opportunities and also fundraising.  If you would like to donate to the Little Art School Trust or hold a fundraising event for the charity then please contact us at [email protected] and let us know.

Contact Us

Please visit the Little Art School Trust Facebook Page at and look out for the Trust appearing soon in your area.  For further information about the Little Art School Trust please contact

Little Art School Trust, 12 Alloway Place, AYR, KA7 2EG.

Email [email protected]